I am a working mom who believes we deserve better. That's why I'm running.


I'm Emily Best. I am a 35-year-old working mom living in McConnellsburg, in beautiful Fulton County. I was born and raised in Western PA. Six years ago, I moved here to work an organic farm. For nearly 3 years after that, I managed a farmers' cooperative, where I helped sell fruits and vegetables to keep farmers on their land. It's becoming harder and harder to be a farmer in a central PA.

I am running for State Senate (District 30) because I believe our communities deserve better than politicians who make promises they can't keep, who don't understand what it's like to raise a family with two working parents, who tell us that they are looking out for us but are only looking out for themselves, and who are ignoring how hard we must work to survive in this economy. 

I am running as a Democrat, but I believe our two-party system is broken. We need a new generation of leaders to change our political system. Our system leaves too many people disengaged, because too many politicians are only in it for themselves.

I can't accept the status quo any longer. Our lawmakers should be improving our communities -- not taking our votes for granted. I will always put the citizens of District 30 first before party politics. I believe in listening, identifying solutions, and compromising to get things done, just like we do at home. 

I believe we all deserve a choice in our representation, and I intend to offer the voters of District 30 a better choice.


I need your help.

It's the final stretch! And it’s not too late to get involved. Will you join us? We are working to show voters (that includes folks who may not be currently registered to vote) that people-powered politics CAN and WILL make a difference. Can you help me? If so, please click here to complete our volunteer sign up and we will be in touch ASAP!