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We need a change in Harrisburg. I'm sick of a government that does nothing except make the rich richer, while we see our tax money wasted, our jobs leave the region, our health insurance become too expensive, our schools scrambling for funding and our families destroyed by opioid addiction. Enough is enough. We need a government that works for everyone, not just the inside players. 


Agriculture & Small Farms

The small and medium-sized farms that keep our region fed and our economy strong are being strangled by the declining prices at the market and the combination of more expensive inputs and increasingly strict regulatory environments. For our region to thrive, we need to foster a landscape where small and medium sized farms can produce the food and fuel we depend upon. Our representatives in Harrisburg don't understand what it is like to see their hard work go unsold or undervalued at the market. I do. And I will fight for our farmers to be able to succeed.

Corporate Control & Consolidation

Our current economic system too heavily favors huge corporations over the small businesses which grow and strengthen our communities. This leads to decreased competition, lower wages, and less options. We see this in our communities when we have few choices in insurance providers, internet and phone services, and only big box stores where we can shop. A strong American economy is one in which we as consumers have fair choices, where we as workers are paid fairly, and where our Main Streets are filled with small businesses run by our neighbors. I will fight for an economy that works for us, not just for companies who only care about their shareholders.

Public Schools

Our children need safe and successful public schools to prepare them for the jobs of today and tomorrow. We need to hold our teachers accountable while making the classrooms interesting, engaging and well-equipped for education. We need to reduce standardized testing so that children receive a well-rounded education. And we need to find common sense solutions to school funding that doesn't leave behind children in our rural or poorer districts.


Although we are told that the economy is working well, we know that our region is still struggling to get back on its feet. Our young people leave for other parts of the state and country to find good paying jobs. We need jobs that pay a living wage. I will fight to bring year-round, well paying jobs to our region. 


Working families have enough expenses. I will fight for a fair tax system that puts your hard-earned money in your pocket, where it belongs, for you to decide how to spend it. 


Our healthcare system isn't working for us. Obamacare was not what it was supposed to be. Even if we pay our premiums on time, we still spend too much time fighting the insurance companies over bills they won't pay or drugs that we need but they won't cover. It's not fair. We need a healthcare system that works for everyone, not just for the rich. Insurance companies shouldn't be profiting when people can't access care. I will fight for healthcare system that improves coverage, lowers barriers to care, and is more efficient for its users (all of us). 

Opioid Crisis

We need immediate, real attention to the drug epidemic that is destroying a generation in our communities. We need to fix our healthcare system that prevents addicted individuals from getting the care and medication they need to break the cycle. We need to move beyond a law enforcement methodology that keeps people trapped behind bars or unable to get a job because of their past. I will seek creative, proven solutions to this epidemic before we lose any more members of our communities.


Government that Works

The government has a role to play but it shouldn't be in the way. I will fight in Harrisburg for a more efficient government that saves money, time, and gets things done. The budget should be completed on time every year. Safety and environmental regulations should be modernized. And our tax dollars should never be used to fund cover-ups.  

Statement on Fair Districts Bill HB722