Because we are a people-powered campaign, we need a lot of help! We are talking to voters one-on-one to share our vision of a better PA. 

We have several ways you can get involved -- even if you don't want to knock doors, we can find a way for you to contribute. 

Ready to join us? Please complete THIS FORM and we will follow up with you ASAP!



Canvass Door-to-Door - Knock on doors, talk to people about the campaign, and hand out literature. Usually this is done with groups of volunteers, on weekends or evenings, and in 2-3 hour shifts.  Time commitment: 2-3 per canvass, as many times as you’re able.

Make Phone Calls - Call registered voters from home, on your own schedule. The campaign provides a calling list and script.  You must have a computer with internet access, and basic computer skills. Can be individually in one’s own time or with an organized group from the campaign. Time commitment: flexible, most volunteers call about 1 hr/wk.

Mail Postcards - Write, address, and send personalized postcards to voters. The campaign provides the postcards and addresses; your job is to write a short message and address the postcard by hand.  Very flexible times and hours. Can be done individually in one’s own time or with an organized group from the campaign. Time commitment: flexible.

Host a Fundraiser - Host a brunch, picnic, or party at your home, and ask for a donation.  Invite friends and neighbors who are unfamiliar with Emily to help spread the word.  If you expect a high turnout, coordinate it with the campaign so that Emily can make an appearance. Time commitment: similar to hosting any other kind of get together

Take Photos and Videos at Events - Meet Emily at campaign events and take lots of photos and videos for social media. You can also photograph people and places in your community that helps to tell a visual story about important local issues. You will need a smartphone that takes good quality pictures. Time commitment: a few hours per event, as many events as you’re able.

Help with Information Technology - Use your technical and web-based skills to help the campaign with online organizing tools, spreadsheets, and contact tracking.  Teach other volunteers how to use technology tools to make their work easier. Flexible times and hours.

Research and Writing - Use your writing and editing talents to gather information about issues, community events and local organizations.  Help to fact check information, and edit it into an easy-to-understand form. Write letters-to-the-editor and social media content. Flexible times and hours.

Organize Volunteers - Build relationships with volunteers. Welcome, schedule, and remind them about upcoming events; send thank yous and show appreciation for their help.  You should be a good "people person" for this job, and comfortable speaking with and meeting people from all walks of life. Normally at least 10 hours a week of time commitment is required.

Ready to join us? CLICK HERE to complete our Volunteer Sign Up Sheet and we will be in touch ASAP!